The Proteus Effect 0.3.1 is Now Available!


I am pleased to announce that the Proteus Effect 0.3.1 is now free to the public! I just put out a new $5+ patron release (0.4.1), and since public releases are one major update behind patron ones, that means it's now time to share 0.3.1 with everyone!

I hope you enjoy it!


New town

New quests

New dungeon

2 new H-scenes

New feature: Dungeon easy modes

Lots of skits, dialogues, and NPCs


The Proteus Effect 0.3.1 382 MB
2 days ago
The Proteus Effect 0.3.1 383 MB
2 days ago
The Proteus Effect 0.3.1 387 MB
2 days ago

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