The Proteus Effect 0.3.1 is Now Available!


I am pleased to announce that the Proteus Effect 0.3.1 is now free to the public! I just put out a new $5+ patron release (0.4.1), and since public releases are one major update behind patron ones, that means it's now time to share 0.3.1 with everyone!

I hope you enjoy it!


New town

New quests

New dungeon

2 new H-scenes

New feature: Dungeon easy modes

Lots of skits, dialogues, and NPCs


The Proteus Effect 0.3.1 382 MB
65 days ago
The Proteus Effect 0.3.1 383 MB
64 days ago
The Proteus Effect 0.3.1 387 MB
64 days ago

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